If you are married, in a relationship intending to marry, or even just thinking about ever getting married EVER, I highly recommend this book. In a culture that demonizes and belittles men, Dr. Laura's no-nonsense approach to telling women to treat their men like PEOPLE, and not just people but MEN, is refreshing.

I am a woman, but I know many, many good men (my grandfathers, my father, my brothers, men at church, my husband, etc.). Due to this, it has always angered and frustrated me the way women seem to think they have carte blanche to treat men like dumb-dumbs or to assert their will over men's via emotional manipulation. Yes, there are bad, oppressive men out there, but to treat every man as if he is automatically a jerk simply by virtue of being male is bigoted. Some of the exchanges Dr. Laura relates make me ashamed of my gender, when I hear just how cruelly they treat their men. Some of these women do not deserve the man they married, yet to imply that the woman is EVER in the wrong is politically incorrect today.

Our culture needs a wake-up call. Equal rights means just that: equal rights. If you want men to respect you, then you need to demonstrate respect towards them, too. It's only fair, and it's only common sense. Thank you, Dr. Laura, for being willing to tell it like it is!

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